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MacGyverClass!   See the gallery
Great for all ages.  As seen at the Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco as a permanent exhibit! Random materials meet random challenges.
An hour long workshop that ignites creativity in a positive atmosphere. Course Objectives: Design thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and building confidence.   Grades k-8  Order the take home version of this popular workshop here! * Make It! Bags

Make It Club   See the gallery
Kinetic art club for Middle School.  Motion, velocity, and materials. A student driven science/craft club focusing on problem solving, materiality, design thinking, and collaboration. Course Objectives: Collaboration, Communication, Design Thinking, Confidence, Simple Science Concepts
Grades 6-8

GDX Graphic Design Club
Student run design studio for Middle School.  The perfect in-house graphic design department for any school. Basic design trends and skills are discussed in a fun hands-on way. Computers are not mandatory. Course Objectives: Hand skills, Drawing, Composition, Story telling, Simple Technology.  
Perfect for grades 6-8

Kids Hack The Hood   See the gallery
Students re-think and re-design their neighborhood using photos, upcycled materials,  and instructor led discussions. Course Objectives: Craft, Collaboration, Materiality, Story Telling, Confidence, Design Thinking  Grades 3-8

FrankenToy   See the gallery
Students re purpose previously owned stuffed animals and toys into new cute huggable monstrosities! Student are encouraged, and given time to write about their creations, giving them names and short biographies! Hacking, cutting, slicing, sewing, along with writing and other light crafts skills, this fun and imaginative workshop. FrankenToy brings out the mad scientist in us all! Makes a great Holiday workshop!  Course Objectives: Simple Craft Skills, Imagination, Materiality   Grades 6-Adult



Schedule your M.I.C. workshop today!

The Situation   See the gallery
Destruction/Creation/Improv.   What would you do if you were hiding inside a house as zombies were approaching? Teams engage in systematic destruction, solve challenges, and build new creations from found materials.  Course Objectives: Team Building, Collaboration, Story Telling, Design Thinking, Craft, Working with Limitations, Group Creative Process   10-20 suggested attendees  

Birds To Bridges   See the gallery
Team building with thoughtful themes. Random materials meets random challenges and create unique and surprising narratives.
Course Objectives: Craft, Story Telling, Imagination, Working with Limitations, Individual Creative Process
10-40 suggested attendees   Great Quicky Lunch Hour Work Shop!

Improv for Professionals
Throw yourself off the deep end in front of other people.  Course Objectives: Collaboration, Story Telling, Communication, Timing
10-20 suggested attendees

We are happy to design a workshops to fit your group's specific creative needs.
Divergent Thinking/ Collaboration/ Team Building/ Story Telling/ Build Curiosity


Special Projects


Surprise Art Box Project (SABP)
An idea borrowed from 'mystery boxes' available in almost any specialty toy emporiums such as Kid Robot. 
Each invited artist is asked to create a collection of 20 new original pieces each in a 3” x 3” format using any medium desired.
The collection is then boxed, signed, and numbered.  “Its like a gum ball machine full of cool art by artists. Put your money in, twist the knob and see which one you get!”

Show visitors purchase one or more pieces from the collections hung and receive a random work from the collection.
There have been 3 group shows so far, the first one in 2009.  The Fourth group show will be happening in 2016.




Branding, Identity (Kulture Hero Creative)