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Face it. Your kids don’t want you around ALL the time! As much as you’d like to build that go-cart or that amazing tree house for them, you also need a little time for yourself!

Sure we’d all like to hand our kids the phone when things get tough, but down deep we know that screen time will not build world leaders. So how does a parent like you keep those little rug rats entertained and engaged in a meaningful way while you get your own stuff done?

This book is a great start!
There are plenty of odd activities and simple tricks that will help you turn your kids boredom into fun, teachable, and sometimes productive moments in this irreverent yet practical guide.

From art bombing magazines in the dentist’s office to sock matching speed trials to making bread! This book provides spontaneous activities that kids can do with or without you, leaving time for you to do parent stuff like making dinner, reading the paper, or enjoying a glass of wine.

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