Design Thinking: A Crash Course

In this class you’ll develop a whole new way of working in teams that utilizes the innate skills of all of the participants and plays to everyone’s unique strengths. You’ll see Design Thinking challenges in-action and learn new ways of problem-solving along the way.

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The Family smart phone contract

It makes a lot of sense for some kids to have a phone. It makes even more sense for families to have a sensible agreement to set some clear boundaries and expectations!  Try this simple contract to get the conversation started with your family!

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Face it. Your kids don’t want you around ALL the time! As much as you’d like to build that go-cart or that amazing tree house for them, you also need a little time for yourself! This book is a great start! There are plenty of odd activities and simple tricks that will help you turn your kids boredom into fun, teachable, and sometimes productive moments in this irreverent yet practical guide.

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Make It! Bags, and the previous version called 'The Challenge Box' , have been popular gifts and educational toys for over six years.  Every bag has a collection of odds and ends, a roll of transparent tape, and a different crazy secret challenge inside! These awesome little 'adventures in a bag' are the take home version of our popular MacGyverClassworkshop. "Random challenges meets random materials!"  Hours of fun creative thinking for any age!

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