Design Thinking: A Crash Course

Design Thinking: A Crash Course

Logo Design For Your Small Business

Logo Design For Your Small Business

Creative Thinking, DESIGN THINKING.

Design Thinking helps you learn new ways to tackle old challenges and uncover your hidden potential. Access your best problem-solving self in Design Thinking: A Crash Course with Matthew Jervis.

Thinking like a designer is not just for designer! In this class, he’ll teach the Design Thinking framework and guide participants through unique hands-on activities. You’ll learn:

  • Collaboration skills
  • How to identify another person’s strengths
  • Taking ownership through participation
  • Creative ways to tackle projects

You’ll develop a whole new way of working in teams that utilizes the innate skills of all of the participants and plays to everyone’s unique strengths. You’ll see Design Thinking challenges in-action and learn new ways of problem-solving along the way.


Logos are a vital asset for any business. A good logo acts as a public touchpoint for everything that a brand represents: it establishes consistency of look and feel, adds a level of professionalism, and conveys the core ethic of the business. But you don’t need to be a professional designer to create a logo for your business or side-hustle.

Join Matthew for this class, and you’ll learn:

  • What makes a great logo, how to differentiate between types of logos, and how to get started on doing your own logo research
  • How to create preliminary sketches of your logo, import it to the computer, and add color
  • How to prepare logo files for many different use cases, from printed business cards to social media icons.

Click here to download the DESIGN THINKING class.

Click here to download the LOGO DESIGN FOR SMALL BUSINESS class