Hey kids: if you don’t have a phone yet and you’re in the process of trying to convince your parents that you deserve one… I think I might be able to help your argument.
Hey parents: If you’re on the fence about getting your child a phone, I’d like to offer my perspective on the matter and perhaps make it a bit easier to make the leap.

The summer is coming to a close and before you know it, those of us with kids will be off and running head first into another school year.
Organizing pick-ups and drop offs, making lunches, figuring afterschool schedules, helping with homework, meeting new friends, and reconnecting with old ones.
Yep! It’ll all be in full swing in a matter of weeks, and maybe, just maybe this is the year when you will finally cave and get your child that phone they’ve been asking/begging for.
If they’re like my daughter, maybe they composed a convincing persuasive essay outlining all the points that make her getting a phone perfect sense, a no-brainer if you will. 
And, if you’re like me, it worked.

With a new school year fast approaching it just made more sense for us really.
Besides they’ll be walking or riding their bike to and from school now and with after school schedules… It just makes everyone feel a little safer knowing you can reach our little darlings at anytime.

Yep it’s time for the dreaded phone.
But with all the press about the problem with phones like screen dependencies, bullying, and all those predators supposedly out there lurking on social media just waiting for little bobby and suzie to log on... heck! not to mention the cost.  Those smart phones aren’t cheap. What’s a parent to do? Well it’s simple. A Family Phone Contract.

You could sit down and write up a simple phone usage contract for you and your child to sign, but if you don’t feel like writing one up, there’s plenty of them out there for free! Having a phone contract delivers on much more than just an agreement for responsible phone use between two parties. They can be great tools for bigger life lessons such as…

  • Entering into an agreement means respecting a promise.
  • Consequences, and being prepared to suffer them if they don’t hold up their end of the deal.. ie. losing phone privileges. 

Kids can learn what it means to be a responsible digital citizen, and 'insert other big lessons here'!  If you want to writeyour own go for it, but if you do I strongly encourage you to include some of my favorites! such as:

  • “I will not purchase anything via the Phone without getting my parent's permission before hand.” That’s a good one. Cost effective.
  • “I will give my parents all the passwords I use to access any function or applications on my phone that requires a one.” I don’t know how old your kids are but if they’re under 18 privacy is earned right? Then there’s this one.
  • “I will not use my phone to take or distribute inappropriate photos or texts.”

 ..and my favorite:

  • “I will turn off the Phone and leave it at an agreed upon location every night at 9 pm.”   9? Yep 9. Heck as a kid I couldn’t get phone calls past 9! Probably cause the kitchen phone cord would reach anywhere private!

So you got those now add 5 or 6 more of your own and BOOM you have a pretty good family contract. Sign em and seal em then put your copy someplace safe.

Remember teachable and learnable moments are for everyone. A contract for them is a contract for us. The teachable moments have to be provided by us if they are to be received as learnable ones.  Good Luck. Let me know how it goes!